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We are an Indian based company that manufactures and exports a wide variety of surgical and hospital equipments. Ours is one of the fast growing companies, among the spectrum of Indian hospital equipment company

Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia machines, the original concept were invented by the British anesthetist H.E.G. Boyle in 1917. The Anesthesia machine is used by anesthesiologists to support the administration of anesthesia.
Anesthesia Machine is used for administering inhalation anesthetic gases and vapors and for controlling ventilation.

Basic Optima Anesthesia Machine


• Three gases Anesthesia machine O2,N2O, Ai.
• Penlon make Tec vaporizers for Halothane and Isoflurane drug with    Selecta Tec back bar.Cascaded 5 Tubes Three gas Rota meterfor low    & high flow Anesthesia Delivery Systems.
• Anti Hypoxia Device for 1:3 mixed ratio between O2, & N2O in surgery    gas mixture.
• Audio-Visual Oxygen Failure Alarm
• Gas inlet point O2 & N2O each 3 nos. & Air 1no. Pin-Indexed yokes for O2 & N2O each 2 nos.& diameter indexed pipe line connectivity each 1 no. O2, N2O Air.
• Moveable FGO patient block with emergency O2 flush.
• Passive Scavenging Systems.

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Ultima Anesthesia Machine


• Hypoxia guard Rota meter-pneumatic device ensures no nitrous    oxide flow, if oxygen flow is lower than 0.5ltr/min.approx.Minimum    25 %( ±5%) Oxygen (1:3 mixed ratio between O2 & N2O) in Surgery    gas mixture.
• Oxygen locked N2O supply Oxygen failure warning device.
• Higher efficiency forged regulators & yokes with S.S fittings.
• Panel mounted high & low pressure display gauges and audio    visual Oxygen
• Failure Warning Device.
• Vaporizer Ether & Halothane Change over mechanism with oxygen flush (open & close circuit).
• Oxygen & Nitrous oxide gas inlet point each 3 nos.
• Standard Magill’s circuit, All rubber antistatic tested.

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Maxima Anesthesia Machine


• Oxy failure warning device.
• Oxy Locked N2O supply.
• Higher efficiency regulators & Yokes with S.S Fittings.
• High Precision pressure relief cum Nonreturn valve.
• Rotameter Unit – 9”.
• Halothane Vaporizer. / Oxygen outlet for driving ventilator.
• Change over mechanism with oxygen flush(open & close circuit).
• Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Gas Inlet point each 2 nos.
• Standard Magill’s Circuit.
• All Rubber Antistatic Tested.
• Trolley made of Powder Coated M.S. /S.S..
• Stainless steel table top tray.
• Modified monitoring accessories tray.

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Suprima Anesthesia Machine


• Higher efficiency regulators.
• Oxy Failure warning device
• Pressure relief cum Non return valve with oxygen flush.
• Rotameter Unit – 9”.
• Oxy Locked N2O supply.
• Ether vaporizer Or Goldman Halothane vaporizer.
• Distance piece.
• Two O2 & One N2O gas inlet point.
• Standard Magill’s Circuit.
• All Rubber Antistatic Tested.

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